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Part IV. Professor files VS. Pinochet, “Bring Pinochet to European Court of Justice”

Ferrada-Noli i SvD Bring Pinochet to an European Court of Justice. Pinochet måste ställas inför rätta. 

Professor Marcello Ferrada-Noli at the Russel Tribunal in Rome 1974. Wikipedia


Ferrada-Noli files against Pinochet for the disappearance of friends Bautista Van Schouwen and Edgardo Enríquez.

Click on the links below this picture 

In Associated Press Associated-Press-Ferrada-Noli-Pinochet

In ABC – Madrid

In Dagbladet – Oslo  Pinochet politianmeldt i Norge

In Bruxelles – La Jornada (AP, Reuters, AFP, DPA) Dan entrada en Bélgica a demanda contra el ex dictador ferrada-noli-pinochet-la-jornada

In Aftenposten – Oslo. Pinochet ansvarlig för for langt flere dødsfall Ferrada-Noli-Aftenposten-Pinochet-ansvarlig

In Aftenposten– Oslo. Flere ut mot eksdiktatoren




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