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Part V. Professor files VS. Pinochet, “Bring Pinochet to European Court of Justice”


Ferrada-Noli files against Pinochet for the disappearance of friends Bautista Van Schouwen and Edgardo Enríquez.

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Above: Photo from a reportage in Aftenposten, Norway. The picture was taken outside the building of the Dept of Clinical Neurosciences at Karolinska University Hospital, where I had my office at the time.

At the Tribunal Russel in Italy

I did my first denouncing in Europe on human-rights transgressions, war crimes and widespread torture of prisoners committed by the Pinochet Junta in  Chile, at the Russel Tribunal in Rome  in 1974. The Russel Tribunal on Chile was organized by the late Italian Senator Lelio Basso. The transcript of my testimony (12 pages) including a brief presentation of it by Senator Basso, is archived at the Fondazione Basso, in Rome, and referred as:

“Testimonianza di Marcello Ferrada de Noli, relativa alla repressione culturale, 3 aprile 1974”

The document was found in 2017 by Simona Luciani, to whom I thank for these coordinates leading to the document:

Fondazione Lelio e Lisli Basso – ISSOCO. Fondo: Tribunale Russell II per la repressione in Brasile, Cile e America Latina. Serie 3: Documentazione delle Sessioni: Prima Sessione (Roma, 30 mar. – 5 apr. 1974), sotto serie 2: “Testimonianza di Marcello Ferrada, relativa alla repressione culturale”, 3 aprile 1974.

In pages 10-12 it reads (here excerpted and translated into English): “Along with the atrocious demonstrations of what human cruelty is capable of, I have seen proof of extraordinary heroism and revolutionary strength in the vast majority, if not totality of the prisoners. They have not spoken; not given a house, nor an address, no name. For that they have been tortured even to death. The best tribute to them is to continue fighting, to find among all the revolutionaries a tactical unit that finally allows us to destroy this political model based on torture…In other words, the fight against repression, the denunciation of the violation of human rights, of democratic rights, etc. that have been raised in this Tribunal, must be accompanied by the firm will to find the way … for the replacement of that power structure. In other words: to consider the question of the conquest of power. Only that will guarantee the end of the torture issue that is very incensing to you all, and that of course we are very honored to contribute to its denunciation.”

Page 10 of Roma 3-April-74 testimony -redPage 11 of Roma 3-April-74 testimony- red

Page 12 of Roma 3-April-74 testimony -red







In the Archive at Fondazione Basso I was also found copy of correspondence I had with Linda Bimbi, secretary of the scientific working committee established after the Tribunal session on Chile, in Abril 1974.

In Norway and Sweden

In 1998 Pinochet went to London. The Spanish judge Baltazar Garzón presented an extradition request to the U.K. authorities. On his support, I presented a similar demand. Formally, by filing Pinochet in Norway (I was then professor at the University of Tromsö), but agitating the campaign also in Sweden. Newspaper Svenska Dagblated published my column:

Bring Pinochet to an European Court of Justice. Pinochet måste ställas inför rätta.

Here below links to other publications, in Norway and elsewhere:

In Associated Press Associated-Press-Ferrada-Noli-Pinochet

In ABC – Madrid

In Dagbladet – Oslo  Pinochet politianmeldt i Norge

In Bruxelles – La Jornada (AP, Reuters, AFP, DPA) Dan entrada en Bélgica a demanda contra el ex dictador ferrada-noli-pinochet-la-jornada

In Aftenposten – Oslo. Pinochet ansvarlig för for langt flere dødsfall Ferrada-Noli-Aftenposten-Pinochet-ansvarlig

In Aftenposten– Oslo. Flere ut mot eksdiktatoren



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